3 Rules for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle


Everyone knows that lanky guy at the gym that just can’t seem to put on any muscle. No matter how intense the workout, or how long he tries; he can never seem to put on any weight. In fact, if he stopped working out altogether he would probably become even skinnier! If this narrative sounds all too familiar, you are probably an ectomorph! No that has nothing to do with your sexual preference- ectomorph simply means that you are chronically lean. While the bigger guys may say that they are jealous of the fact that you can devour a whole box of donuts and not gain an ounce, they have no idea the struggle that comes with trying to put on real muscle at the gym. For men with this body type, there are a few very simple rules that you should follow in order to defeat this fast metabolism. (learn more about these methods in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding)

  1. Focus on large muscle groups

Though leg day may not be pleasurable and may be the last body part you want to focus on, big muscle groups like this are a must if you want to build up a good muscle base. Because muscles in the legs and butt make up such a large portion of the large muscle groups, training legs really gets the testosterone pumping. This will lead to a bigger punch when you decide to hit chest and biceps later on in the week. Yes, it’s true, working legs will lead to more muscle growth in other areas of the body.

  1. L-Carnitine

No this isn’t some “get big quick” steroid that will “rapidly grow muscle”. And don’t worry, you can find at nearly any store that sells simple nutrition supplements for under $10. L-carnitine is a nutrition supplement. Because ectomorphs have such a fast metabolism, many times the body will begin to devour muscle in order to use it for energy. In order to prevent this, L-Carnitine directs your body to target fats instead of muscles when looking for a quick energy fix, this will prevent all of your hard work from being taken away by your own body.

  1. Eat, Eat, Eat

This one is obvious! You need to find a way to slow down that fast metabolism. Eating nutrients every 3 hours or so is the best way for your body to recognize it can begin storing nutrients and putting it towards a base for you to build muscle upon. While this may seem easy, it can become extremely difficult to keep chowing when you are already feeling full! Protein is an obvious must but sometimes the local nutrition store isn’t always the cheapest option. Though there are a thousand different opinions on which protein is best, Whey Protein has always been a trusted brand among the many athletes. On Amazon, you can get free delivery on Whey for $17, this takes out the retail fee that your local store might add on and save you a few bucks. If you want to be a little more cost effective you can buy a 5-pound bag of Synth-6 saving you an additional dollar per pound.

Regardless of any substance you buy that promises results, any gym rat that has ever gained real muscle mass knows what it really takes is mental toughness and dedication above all. Even when you don’t feel like doing leg day, getting up in the morning to take your vital nutrition, or are feeling t0o full to make sure you are getting plenty of protein, you have to dig deep and keep your end goal in mind. These tips are only part of the solution on your quest to break out of that lanky body! Tips for guys with big bodies coming soon…!

(learn more about these methods in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding)



4 Guns Every Man Should Own



Every man has a list of dream guns. There’s decked out, loud, shiny, and just plain powerful guns the many men would love to have. Before you go and spend thousands of dollars on a shiny new gun that may be better suited to hang up on your wall, take a look at the four essential guns that every man should have; to do just about everything a man needs to do!

1) Remington 870

This should be a no brainer. The Remington 870 is the best selling shotgun of all time for a reason. After being introduced in 1951, weekend sports shooters and mountain men alike fell in love with the reliability of this 12-gauge (“Model 870.”).

The reason it is absolutely necessary to own the 870 is because every man needs a 12-gauge, and there is none more reliable and more trusted than the Remington 870. Though there has recently been a movement towards smaller handguns for home defense, it is hard to debate the amazing power and fear that this gun can instill in any home intruder. Over the years many accessories have been introduced to make any old shotgun a tactical dream. You can pick up quality flashlight mounts that fit the side of your shotgun or underneath the barrel for under fifty bucks, making this 12-gauge/flashlight combo an essential for the defender of the home(be careful getting cheap junky mounts that tend to fall apart after a few rounds of recoil).

Don’t forget how much fun these boom-sticks can be either; a Saturday afternoon spent sport shooting is blast! Shooting clays are dirt cheap right now and it can never hurt to brush up on those skills. Gather up a few buddies and toss up a few clays while enjoying one of America’s most loved guns.

2) Springfield XD(series) 9/40/45

Springfield Armory is a storied brand loved by many veterans for its historic presence in the military going all the way back to the Revolutionary War. While the bidding for top dog of handguns has been controversial for decades, the recent releases of Springfield X D concealed carry guns including the X Ds and X D-Mod2 just may have clinched the title for Springfield. Since the release of the X D series, Springfield handguns have been flying off the shelf and haven’t stopped.

As I said earlier, many people have began swapping their bulky shotguns in for the more compact handgun when it comes to home defense. With the addition of some awesome night sights or a mounted laser, this is a very good option, however the Springfield is not on this list for home defense, rather it is essential for “out-of-the-home” defense. The Springfield X Ds and Mod-2 in particular have proven to be some of the best concealable handguns on the market. Taking into account price, reliability, and quality, Springfield most certainly makes a claim toward the most “bang-for-your-buck” handgun on the market. The X Ds features an extremely slim design compatible to nearly every body type while the Mod-2 comes with an extended clip insuring maximum grip and boasting an incredible 16 capacity clip.

Surely Springfield is not the only company that makes quality concealable handguns; there are many great handguns on the market. With that being said, I believe a reliable handgun that is viable for concealed carry is an essential for every man so that he can be protected as well as protect others where ever he goes.

3) Ruger 10/22 Rifle

The Ruger 10/22 rifle is debatably one of the most used weapons for recreation of all time. For those of you who grew up in a rural area, you know what I’m talking about. A 10/22 is just a little pea shooter but usually accounts for a large portion of gun usage in most homes. This gun is a must-have for every man that ever has had a varmint problem. With the exception of big game, this dwarf of a rifle can deal with pretty much every problem you throw it’s way. It is also a great beginner gun for people that are new to guns because of the almost unnoticeable recoil.

While there are now many models of a .22 long rifle, I chose Ruger because I believe it is the best known and one of the most reliable guns out there.

One of the most appealing things about the 10/22 is target shooting. Because the price of ammo is so cheap for .22 rimfire, going through 500 rounds in a single weekend of target shooting doesn’t put even a slight dent in your paycheck. In my opinion, target shooting with a .22 is some of the most enjoyable target shooting there is. It is also a great opportunity for plenty of repetitions at the shooting range and a time to hone in your skills with more difficult targets.

4) Browning X-Bolt .308/30-06/300 WIN

The last gun to make the cut was an extremely tough choice! The Browning X-Bolt barely edges out a competitive field here. This smooth finished rifle represents a beautiful bolt-action high-powered rifle, and heck, who doesn’t love a golden trigger?

While a high-powered rifle may not be on the top of everyone’s list, I feel this type of weapon really compliments the other three. The high-powered rifle is the only gun that can get the job done when it comes to big game. The ability to reach out hundreds of yards and tag a target is absolutely a must for any man who owns guns. Aside from the beautiful engineering and high power that this gun accounts for, it’s also a heck of a lot of fun to shoot. Just be sure to pick up a little bit of a heftier target for this powerful ammunition.


While everyone has a preference when it comes to brand and maker of a gun, I believe that these four weapons represent top tiered guns from (1) a 12 gauge shotgun, (2) a concealable handgun, (3) a recreational .22 rifle, and (4) a high powered rifle. Whether you decide to go with the guns listed above or not, I would advise that every man has a gun(at least one) within each category so that he can do just about everything a man needs to do!

Feel free to leave feedback on which guns you think should have made the cut!


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